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Body and Soul  - Jordan Castillo Price

As the series progresses, the books are getting better and I love Vic & Jacob more and more.


This installment finds them at Thanksgiving dinner with Jacob's family. Vic is feeling out of place, and he has a hard time being sober, while uncle Leon's missing arm is bleeding all over the table, and Jacob's nephew is asking a million questions.


Vic gets called in to work, to solve a few disappearances that seemingly have no common link. He has to adjust to a new partner, Zig, who seems weird at first, but turns out to be quite decent, especially compared to the clusterfuck that went down with his last partner.


Meanwhile, Jacob is looking for a place for them to share when they move in together, and it proves to be a challenge. When the prospect apartments don't have earthly hurdles like roaches, they are haunted by broken record ghosts.


The case in this book isn't particularly scary, but it is interesting. What I found most amusing was the fact that they used an excited dead junkie as a spirit guide. Those scenes made me laugh out loud.


Vic and Jacob's relationship is moving to forward, but Vic is still confused as to why Jacob would choose him. Jacob is such a sweetheart, and he is the perfect fit for Vic, he keeps him grounded, and he understands Vic like no one else. They're lovely!


He smiled at me. He's got a special grin that's all mine. It somehow manages to be reassuring and to promise that he'll fuck me halfway through the mattress later, all at once.