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Cristina T.

Striking Sparks - Jordan Castillo Price

Daaamn, this was HOT HOT HOT!!!


Andrew is looking for a palm reading, because he's getting married and he needs answers, as he has doubts in heaps.


I mean, he's so deep in the closet even he doesn't know what he needs, although he has been fantasizing for years.


Naturally, Crash is more than happy to get under the man's skin and show him a thing or two.


And let's be real, who can resist Crash?


Dirty-mouthed, tattooed, confident and bossy Crash.


No nonsense. Just sex. No strings attached.


Newsflash. People do what they want to do. You want to stay? You will. You want to go? Then leave. End of story. All the other stuff is just a bunch of excuses.