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Baked Fresh (Portland Heat)

Baked Fresh (Portland Heat) - Annabeth Albert I have to say, I'm really glad I stuck with this series, even after the first book fell flat for me. The second installment is a lot better, in my opinion. It's real, sweet, and a feel-good story all around.

You see, baked goods are my ultimate weakness! Sweet or salted, doesn't matter. Cakes, pastry (!!!), pies and tarts, bagels, rolls, etc. Just keep 'em away from me, haha.


So, of course I loved Vic, the Italian baker! He's far from your typical perfect MC with washboard abs and a face meant to be plastered on the front page of GQ Magazine. (To be perfectly clear, I'm not saying I don't like them!) Vic has insecurities, body image issues, and he thinks he's average, at best. He's a believer in New Year's resolutions, to which he sticks religiously. His new resolution is to find a boyfriend. Any boyfriend. Or is it? He might have one specific man in mind.

Robin works at the shelter as a volunteer, and he's a freelance graphic designer. He's also an addict (recovering), and has been homeless and without a shred of hope in the past. Robin is young and guilt-ridden, and all he needs is a man to take over the reins every now and then (in the bedroom), and someone who truly cares for him. Ergo, the big and cuddly Vic fits him like a glove.

I devoured the sex scenes! Bossy Vic + insecure Robin + one of my favorite kinks biting!!! + trust and emotion = I'm one happy kitten!

[Just because. Cute kitty is cute. ♥]

Oh, and beautiful, beautiful epilogue! Turned me into a puddle of goo. Recommended!