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Taken (The Taken Series Book 1)

Taken (The Taken Series Book 1) - Sunny Wolfe This story was a little bit out of my comfort zone, containing subjects I try to avoid at any costs. Regardless of that, I loved it! It was refreshing, dark, and well-written. I actually stayed up late to read it in one sitting, so it captured my attention perfectly.

The heroine, Beth, was different from the stereotypical twenty-something clueless Virgin-Mary-types so often found in romance books lately, she felt real. I admired her courage and strength despite the situation she found herself in–being kidnapped and scarred for life–and having had her share of issues throughout her life.

As for Roman, oh-so-dreamy rockstar and arrogant asshole, I obviously loved him! Especially when he got all protective over his woman, and when he sang to her. Their conversations were witty and entertaining. I also have the perfect casting for Roman all set up... ;-)

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What I absolutely hated were the goddamn dolls, because dolls are to me what clowns are to other people. Creepy as shit! I hope I won't hear the world 'doll' for a long, long time!

My only complaint would be that this story was very short and I would have liked for it to last longer... But I guess I have the second part to read, so I'm all good. :)