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First of all, thank you, Marte, for organizing this BR.

Now, as for the book, it disappointed me. The idea was good, but the execution... not so much. I'll try to keep this short.

Warning: My review may contain spoilers.

Here's what I liked about the book:
– The Norway scenery, with its mountains, lakes, the cabin in the woods, and all the peace and quiet it exuded.


And here's what pissed me off:
– The repetition. The names of the MCs popped up at least 5 times on a page, and some issues were discussed over and over again (for example, Axel's freckles). Result: Bad writing.
– The age difference was handled really badly, as if the 9 years which set the MCs apart were somehow an eternity.
– The insta-lust/insta-love was even worse. Everything moved way too fast. They had sex too soon, and after 4 days, Axel already said he was in love.
– The whole anti-venom drama. I'd like to think doctors wouldn't withhold a treatment the patient needed immediately, on the grounds that someone had to pay for it, because it was expensive. Apparently, settling who would pay was crucial, unlike saving the patient's life.
– After spending a week together, the MCs part without exchanging last names and phone numbers? Are you kidding me?
– An abusive ex-boyfriend was too much, considering this was a short story. The matter got resolved too quickly and it felt unnatural.
– And... the worst mother award goes to... Britt! What kind of a mother stands by and does nothing while her son is almost raped?!?
– Oh, and how about some goddamn lube? Because surely, it could only make sex more pleasurable. Trust me on this, try it.

In conclusion, this story showed a lot of potential, but it needed more character development, less drama, and better writing. I hate one-staring books, but I can't bring myself to give this 2 stars.