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Loving Jay

Loving Jay - Renae Kaye Loving Jay is like the first sip of my favorite coffee to me. It's sweet, hot and smooth, it warms me up and makes me feel alive again.


One day, Liam misses his train, which is a bummer because he won't get to see the blonde man whom he's been admiring from afar for weeks. He's scared to admit to his attraction, because he can't be gay. After all, his father wouldn't allow that. So he's definitely not gay. Mhm. Yeah, right. And the sky is suddenly green.

Jay aka Jamie runs into Liam at the station, having missed his train, too. They grab a coffee–Jay's is a skinny café mocha half sugar–and start talking about everything and nothing. A friendship is born. From then on out, they buy each other coffee, take the train together, and talk.

Liam and Jay seem to be just two real guys, two individuals who find each other and just click. Their conversations flow easily, their personalities are not exaggerated, there's no real drama in their lives.

I simply adored Jay! Jay with his tendency to talk a mile a minute, his polished appearance, fabulous outfits, perfectly styled hair, flawless makeup, and his bright smile and big heart. I also liked the fact that he was portrayed as femme, but not the 'damsel in distress' type who needs a knight in shining armor and can't stand on his own feet.

"But he's gorgeous–inside and out. You just need to weather the dramas to see it sometimes."

As for Liam, he's a hero. Literally. He saves Jay from harm single-handedly, and he stands up for his friend/lover on multiple occasions. The great thing is that he does it on pure instinct, and it amazes him, because he's never cared about anything before Jay. But Jay brings out the passion in him.

"I love you, James Bell. I love you with all of my heart. You are the missing piece from my life."

What I also enjoyed were the families. They were pretty amazing, and showed unwavering support. Okay, so what if Liam's dad was not on board with his son being gay? At the end of the day, even he didn't stop loving his son. Jay's family was cray-cray, and they made me laugh hysterically. And Liam's mother, his brothers and their wives were cool, too.

Favorite quote:

He'd smiled at me with devotion and I had responded with a look of complete adoration. And the photographer had snapped the picture, capturing that instant–two men gazing at each other, utterly in love. Jay loving me, and me... loving Jay.