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Beauty And The Bookworm

Beauty And The Bookworm - Nick Pageant This book was downright AWESOME! Sweet, angst free and one of the funniest books I've read lately.

Why did I love Beauty And The Bookworm, you wonder? Well, here are a few reasons...
- tongue boners
- cardigans
- jockstraps
- lycra
- one big, beefy ass
- pink no-no's
- dicks
- a crazy badass grandma
- two equally great MCs

Add those things up and you've got yourself a great time. Oh, and that cover is BEAUTIFUL!

As for the boys... I loved Mason right from the start, so much that I didn't mind the 1st person POV, which doesn't always work. A librarian, bookworm through and through and hilarious - the safe word scene at the gym killed me. What's not to like? And Shane, athletic, model-resembling Shane... Loved him, too. In addition to his appearance, he was kind, easy-going, and perceptive - the scene where he sensed Mason wasn't feeling comfortable at the juice bar and took him home was great. Also, they had a few sexy times... ;)

On a side note, Twyla, girl... Get your act together! I liked her at first, because she was encouraging Mason to live his life, but then she just turned clingy and annoying.

Seriously, just read the book, you won't regret it!!!