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Save Yourself (Tales From Foster High)

Save Yourself (Tales From Foster High) - John Goode You know what? It's official. John Goode could decide to publish his grocery shopping list, and it would still get 5 stars from me. Why? Well, maybe I'm just a crazy fangirl, or maybe John just is that good of a writer. Yeah, it's definitely the latter!

Save Yourself is a little chapter that happened during [b:151 Days|20342133|151 Days (Tales from Foster High, #6)|John Goode|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1391354890s/20342133.jpg|28311780], told from Tyler's and Matt's perspectives. It basically tells the whole truth about what happened the night Riley died. It deals with the guilt Tyler has had to live with for years. And most of all, it shows how Matt is an amazing human being, and can see Tyler's mistake for what it was. Matt helps Tyler realize that he shouldn't beat himself up over something he couldn't have changed.



Highly recommended!