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Cut & Run  - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Re-read: March, 2015

Correction to my first review:

Having read the whole series, I feel compelled to emphasize that I am definitely Team Ty. I mean, I love Zane, but Ty is my baby. I just adore the man!!!

I enjoyed the book just as much the second time around, and I probably will upon future re-reads. Cut & Run was not my first M/M, but Ty & Zane were definitely the first M/M couple I fell in love with. And here I am, almost one year later, a lot of M/M romance books read in the meantime, falling for them all over again! Lovely! Just lovely!

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First read: April, 2014

"Are you feeling this, too?"
"Me, either."

"I'm too stubborn to die when I have a reason to live."

I'm in LOVE!!! Ty & Zane have won my heart from the very beginning.

Tyler Grady and Zane Garrett, two Special Agents, are paired to work together on a case involving a series of murders with no apparent pattern. Now, the case wasn't all that interesting and I pretty much guessed the murderer, but it was fun to follow the FBI Agents uncover it.

What I absolutely adored, though, was the relationship Ty & Zane developed throughout the book. Both of them are alpha males, so they hate each other in the beginning. Ty is a foul-mouthed bad-ass who does not care about other people's feelings and lives by no rules. Zane is serious, doesn't play any games and follows strictly set rules.

I loved their conversations, the sarcasm and the teasing. Also, the sexual tension was palpable and their first kiss? Seriously hot! Although, what I enjoyed even more than the sex scenes were their tender moments and when they got protective of each other.

At first, I couldn't decide which one of them was my "favorite", but after the switch of roles, when Zane came riding on that motorcycle, wearing leather... I knew... I also felt for him because of his addictions and oh, when he went into that bookstore with Ty and acted like a kid on Christmas, my heart melted. But hey, I also LOVED Ty, especially when he shielded Zane to protect him from the oncoming car and Zane called him "baby"... *swoon*

I am definitely ADDICTED to Ty & Zane and I can't wait to read the rest of the books. I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself once I finish the series, but I'll deal with that when the time comes...

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