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“Now understand: this may put you both in a few uncomfortable situations,” McCoy went on sincerely. “But you've both got UC experience, and I’m sure you’d both rather have to kiss each other than be shot at,” he joked. Ty cleared his throat and tried to restrain a smile.

These books just keep getting better and I'm ADDICTED!

Shortly after their so-called vacation in West Virginia, Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are back on the job. Their superior in Baltimore, Dan McCoy, assigns them to go on a two-week Christmas cruise in the Caribbean. They're supposed to assume the identities of two people who are part of a smuggling ring and also an out-and-proud married couple, the reason being to gather information about their contacts.

In order to play the Porters, Ty & Zane have to alter their appearance and act differently. Ty has to play the role of Del Porter, who's what you would call arm candy and not considered very smart. And man, does he ever assume his part as a submissive! Then we have Zane as Corbin Porter, an arrogant, possessive man, who's the brains of the operation. Upon embarking on the ship with only a small team as back-up, Ty & Zane have to deal with a few unexpected turns of events, while Ty's life, in particular, is in danger.

The case allows Ty & Zane to be openly affectionate in public, something they're not used to, but find that they enjoy. It also offers them the possibility of being more honest with each other and act according to deeply buried feelings. Zane gets to be possessive and jealous, while Ty submits to him. The lines between what's done or said for show and what's real become blurry and the partners struggle to understand each other.

When I reviewed the first book, I was foolish enough to think I could pick a favorite, but I can't. Ty & Zane work best together and I love them both to death! Words can't express how much their emotional journey throughout this book tugged at my heartstrings. I felt for Zane, while he was struggling with his fears and addictions and trying to overcome his past. And Ty... Jesus, Ty... Going all angsty because of the love for his partner, fearing that his feelings would never be reciprocated. Once again, I was more drawn to their tender moments, but oh my God... The sex was out-of-this-world HOT!

“What’s gotten into you?” Zane murmured as he dragged his lips along Ty’s exposed throat. He unfastened Ty’s pants and started pushing them down over his hips.
“Nothing, yet,” Ty answered with a slow grin. “That’s your job,” he said softly, his breath gusting across Zane’s cheek.

I don't think anything I have to say could do this book and its beautifully real characters justice. It's just brilliant!

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First read: May, 2014
Re-read: April, 2015

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