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Hot Head

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I know this pic has been used for Griff before. Sorry, I'm not sorry. It's perfect!

Here's the thing... It took me a month to listen to this audiobook. Granted, I only listened while walking to work, and that wasn't every morning. But it also took me that long because I didn't want it to end. I still can't seem to let Griffin and Dante go even now, a few days after finishing the book.

There are countless reviews for this wonderful book, so for once, I'm going to take the easy way out and just tell you what I personally loved abut it...

#1: Griffin Muir aka Griff aka Monster. This guy is sexy, a little neurotic, and very protective of his family. What's not to love?

#2: Dante Anastagio. Duh! Italian? Check. Hot? Double-check. Possessive? You can bet on it! This man was something else, especially when he was all tender with Griff.

#3: The Anastagios. The way these people took Griff under their wing and their whole outlook on family and love was fantastic.

#4: Alek and Tommy. They were like lonely, lost souls with so much to offer. Hope they end up together.

#5: Damon Suede's writing.

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image Narrator: Charlie David aka the BEST narrator EVER

I am smitten with Charlie David because of his narration of this book! His voice is liquid honey, his narrating skills amazing, and he gave life to Griff and Dante. Also, the sex scenes were incredible–and by that I mean some of the wildest and most sexy scenes I've ever read–on their own, but him reading them made them even hotter!!! Griff and Dante's first kiss and that Hot Head BJ scene were just... Wow!!!