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His Roommate's Pleasure

His Roommate's Pleasure - Lana McGregor His Roommate's Pleasure is PWP with feelings. Delightful!!!

On the surface, Adam and Josh have nothing in common. They're roommates at college, and they've hardly exchanged a few words. Josh is a jock, and Adam is the kind of guy who keeps to himself and works at a bookstore.

One day, Adam needs to send in a paper, for which he uses Josh's computer, because his is broken. He accidentally clicks on something and stumbles and falls right into Josh's porn folder, which turns out to be gay porn. And BDSM at that.

Josh walks in on him. Needless to say, Adam is all flustered and embarrassed, and he flees. But then they get to talking, and they discover their mutual interest in the D/s dynamics of BDSM sex.

Neither one of the MCs has had much of any sexual experience, so they begin to experiment and reenact the photos on Josh's computer. Adam submits and Josh enters Dom territory.

Well, at first, their relationship is all about giving each other what they've been craving, but soon enough, things shift, and feelings get involved.

Josh bit his lip, and held his hand out. "You think if I kiss you, it's going to ruing things?"


I loved their kinkiness, the tenderness and sweetness, as well as the dirty talk and obviously the sex. Oh, did I mention there was biting? Yep. Biting is my favorite. Seriously freaking awesome!