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Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer  - Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux Oh. my. God. I don't think I can write a proper review (a.k.a. it's gonna be a freaking mess), because I just finished this book and I don't know what my feelings are doing! What a roller-coaster! Laughing hysterically one minute, sobbing the next, swooning, then being heartbroken and all the intense and sweet moments - I just... wow.

Warning: The next part of the review contains spoilers.

This series just keeps getting better and I loved this book right from the start!
Ty & Zane are in their FBI offices and Ty, of course, is bored, so he's sending Zane a series of text messages containing jokes, trying to break Zane's concentration and make him laugh.

You realize I have free texting plan right?

Did you hear about the guy downstairs who lost his left arm and left leg in a wreck? Hes all right now.

What do you call a monkey in a mine field? A baboom.

Zane refuses to break and ignores Ty's messages, up until Ty has to go into a meeting and then he strikes with a lot of pun-filled texts...

Energizer bunny arrested. Charged with battery.
Ty's lips twitched as he tapped out a quick response.
Is he being held in a duracell?

...Ty surrenders, because the puns get to be too much and they get caught by their co-workers.

You win. Ill do anything please make it stop.

Promise you'll scream for me tonight.

Lucky for Ty, he's got Zane listed as 'Lone Star' in his phone, so their colleagues don't catch on.

It's not like I read the books for their plot before, but this one just didn't hold my interest at all. Long story short, four teenagers are keen on wreaking havoc on the city of Baltimore, while robbing banks, setting up bombs, hurting people in the process and targeting the two Special Agents, especially Ty.

What I was interested in, obviously, was Ty & Zane and how their relationship developed. The angst got to be too much at times and I was eager to see Zane finally giving in and admitting his feelings for Ty. I wanted to smack him upside the head so badly sometimes! But man, was it worth it when he DID finally say it out loud...

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