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Bear, Otter, and the Kid

Bear, Otter, and the Kid - T.J. Klune image

I've had Bear, Otter, and the Kid on my to-read shelf for a long time, but for some reason I kept skipping it. Then I read that the book bore a strong resemblance to the movie Shelter. I adore that movie–it's one of my favorites–so, needless to say, I started to read the book right away. And now I want to smack myself upon the head, because I could've done myself a favor by reading this sooner. I fell in love with it!!! Seriously. It's utterly perfect.

I need to get something out of the way first. See, I'm not a kid person, and I usually avoid books in which the MCs have kids. The Kid aka Ty was really awesome, though! The way he, a tiny little 9-year-old guy, took care of Bear was very endearing. And his intelligence and view on life and love kept blowing my mind...

"Then who cares? I'll never understand why people just won't let others be who they are. It's not like it's affecting them in any way." He turns and frowns at me. "And until you realize that," he says quietly, "how can you be fair to Otter?"

Bear aka Derrick
I really felt for him, because the situation he found himself in at the age of almost 18 was not easy–his mom having left him and Ty on their own. It was not fair for him to have to give up his dreams at such a young age, and I could sympathize with his struggles. Mostly, I could see why he'd try to push everyone away so as to avoid being left again. Granted, I was frustrated with his choices on multiple occasions, but I couldn't really blame him.

This is Otter, and he's home.

Otter aka Oliver
Ohh, I fell hard and fast for this guy! What I loved most about him was his courage, and his willingness to fight for Bear and the Kid. He made a huge mistake when he left, but after coming back, I think he pretty much earned his place back in their lives. I admired his strength, patience and his ability to take charge and protect Bear and the Kid when needed.

The fight for you is all I've ever known.

Something else I really liked was the concept of family this book offered. I mean, we all know that we can't choose our blood relatives, but blood doesn't necessarily create bonds. And I, for one, think the people who deserve to be called family are the ones you choose for yourself. They might be relatives, they might be friends, but the important thing is for them to offer unconditional love.

The ending... Oh, God, the ending. After all the angst and the heartbreak which ripped me apart, that ending was perfect!

If someone can care about me that deeply, despite all my faults, despite all my refutations, despite all my everythings, then that makes all the storms and all the oceans worth it.


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I read this and listened to the audiobook narrated by Sean Crisden, at the same time. Mr. Crisden did a terrific job with this audio!!! Loved it!