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Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart I am well aware of the fact that my review is not going to do this mesmerizing book justice, but I owe it to at least try to make sense of my thoughts. Before I begin, I reserve the right to fail miserably. It’s the intention that counts, right?

"Nothing in this world was completely black or white. Wrong or right. Or if it was, what mattered was whose eyes it was being seen from."

Broken Pieces exceeded any expectations I had from reading a few reviews beforehand. It overwhelmed me in the best possible way and I drank every word in, enjoying each moment I was lucky enough to spend in this wonderful world Riley Hart has created.

This story centers around three broken men, who fit together like pieces of a puzzle: Josiah, Mateo and Tristan. Each of them has been through a lot, and they deal with their dark past differently. Together, they manage to overcome their pain and heal each other in ways that neither one of them ever thought possible.

Josiah Evans is an orphan who lost his parents as a kid and has been living in different foster homes since then. He has always been alone and felt that something was missing. Josiah is shy, keeps to himself, and as a teenager, he doesn’t have the strength to stand up for himself, finding it hard to even look people in the eye. He has a lot of love to offer, though, being a very sweet and caring guy, and he just wants to be loved in return. Material things have no value to him, as long as there’s someone who cares for him.

While Josiah is living with yet another foster family–which is decent enough–they take another teenager under their wing. Mateo Sanchez is the son of a gang leader, which of course means that he hasn’t had it easy, having been forced to do things which literally make him sick. Despite being a hard-ass outwardly, Mateo is intrigued by Josiah and makes it his duty to protect the guy no matter what.

I don’t want to spoil the story, so I’m going to fast forward a few years, when Josiah meets Tristan Croft, a wealthy attorney who has worked his way up from the bottom, refusing to depend on anyone again. Tristan has built some very high walls which no one dares to break down, because he won’t allow being hurt, and he strongly believes he’s better off alone. He decides to help Josiah out, without demanding anything in return, and eventually, they build a relationship, too.

More years pass until Mateo enters the picture again. He regrets his past mistakes and doesn’t have the strength to walk away from Josiah, who has not gotten over him anyway, because they’ve been through too much together and their love for one another has survived over time. Slowly, Josiah, Teo and Tristan realize that they are just three broken pieces who fit so perfectly that only together do they form a whole. It’s unconventional, yet never has a ménage made more sense–what these three men have is a relationship, it goes way beyond sex, and it just works so well that their love for one another is equal.

The MCs were all amazing, the writing was beautiful, and all the angst the plot had to offer was worth it in the end. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series!!! Is it September already?! I need to know how the story goes on for these wonderful men!

Mateo ran a finger down Tristan’s jaw. “Mi pieza perdida. My missing piece.” And then his hand ran down Josiah’s back. “Mi precioso.
Josiah leaned up, taking Mateo’s mouth first. Then Tristan’s. “We might be broken in so many ways, but together, we’re whole.”

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