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Mark Cooper versus America

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I LOVED this book!!! It was unique, absolutely hilarious, entertaining, scorching hot and at times very sweet!

To get the low points out of the way, what I didn't care for was the whole fraternity bullshit, because I didn't understand why someone would put up with everything that went down in a fraternity. So, getting through those scenes was kind of a burden. Also–and this is more of a not-really-my-cuppa kind of thing–while the fisting was handled very well, it still made me a little uncomfortable.

Now, as for what I enjoyed about this little gem of a book, the list could be endless. Here are the main reasons...

• Good writing.
• Angry bunny, aka Mark Cooper, was wonderful.
• Deacon was such a sweet guy.
• The kink contained in this book was fantastic! From cross-dressing, to spanking, and everything in-between, I loved it all!!! A french-maid costume, sex on the back of a mechanical bull, fucking in the library, phone-sex while driving, Mark wearing lacy knickers/a pink jumper/stockings and a garter belt–all of it was H.O.T.
• The wolf/kitty hat scene was endearing.
• Mark's hatred towards snow and bears was funny.
• The friendship Mark had with Brandon and Blake.
• The love story was great as well.
• etc.

Y'know what? Just read this story and see for yourself why it's AWESOME! Go! You won't regret it! ;-)