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Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt #1) - N.R. Walker ♥ BR with Kayl – Thursday, September 3 ♥

My dearest favorite M/M couples–I mean you, Ty & Zane, Sin & Boyd, Dex & Sloane, Brad & Kyle–make a little room, because Travis & Charlie are joining you!


It's official. I adore N.R. Walker!!! This book was absolutely flawless. The beautiful red dirt dessert. The animals–especially the horses. The incredible characters. The fantastic writing. I loved it all, and I cannot wait to read more!


Charlie and Travis are amazing, to say the least! I adored them both. Travis is funny, outspoken, smart, and he looks breathtaking when he's riding a horse. As for Charlie, I felt the urge to wrap him up in a hug, but I also wanted to yell at him to let Travis stay.


The secondary characters also deserve to be mentioned, because they were freaking awesome! George and Ma made this story that much better, and their love for Charlie was palpable.

And with quotes like these... What more could you wish for? I have no words.

He kissed me like he needed it, like I was air and he was drowning. I could taste emotion on his tongue and feel it in the way he clung to me.

Our kisses were slow and warm, with gentle lip bites, and his signature nose-nudges that gave me butterflies.


Freaking nose-nudges! Not to mention the foot-holding, which was the most adorable thing!

Just lovely. Every word.