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These Inconvenient Fireworks

These Inconvenient Fireworks - mdasch, everydayslike These Inconvenient Fireworks is fanfiction. One Direction fanfiction. Now, if you have a problem with that, don't bother reading the rest of this review.

A couple years ago, my best friend introduced me to One Direction. She asked me to listen to "What makes you beautiful", calling the boys fun and cheeky. Being the cynical bitch I am–and keeping in mind that all the cool people hated 1D, so why should I even listen to one of their songs to form a personal opinion?–I was like "Seriously?! One Direction??? Not you, too!" *gasp*
I am also a curious bitch, so I went home and listened to the damn song. And my reaction was something along the lines of "Cool, they do seem fun, but I'm not 14 and their music is not particularly quality." Well, a few days later, I came across a Larry Stylinson video. And that was the end of that. Because Louis and Harry together were beyond adorable and I am a sucker for gay couples. Needless to say, I was a sucker for 1D from then on. I kept following what was going on with Harry & Louis on Tumblr, and to this day, I am convinced they are a couple and their management forbids them to come out.
So. I love 1D, they're fun, they're cheeky, they're simple boys who wreak havoc and have a good time wherever they go. I am not in awe of their teenage fangirls who squeal and scream their heads off for them, and I will be the first to admit that their success is based on the fact that they're a cute boyband. Anyway, my point is that I love Louis & Harry the most.

These Inconvenient Fireworks may be fanfiction, but it's very well written, with a strong plot and good character development. I'll even go as far as say it's better than a lot of published books out there. This was my second time reading this and I loved it just as much the second time around. Since I don't want to go into details and discuss the plot, here are the things which make this fanfic AWESOME...

– Louis. Louis and his posh trousers, suspenders and sex hair. Louis with his cynicism, anxiety, and ultimately, his big fucking heart.
– Duchess. Lou's grumpy asshole of a cat.
– Harry. Charming, lovely Harry, with his curly hair and devilish dimples. Being a good fucking person and finding his way into Lou's heart.
– Zayn. With his ridiculous hair, his love for literature and his hilarious plans to impress a certain fireman, Zayn was wonderful.
– Liam. Fireman in question, and a good person all around. Also, clueless towards Zayn's efforts.
– Niall. Being... well, Niall, who loves food and lights up a room.
– Haz & Lou's families were great and I loved them.
– Everything. That should about cover it.