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The Last Cannoli

The Last Cannoli - Tali Spencer The Last Cannoli was a sweet, mouth-watering little story. There was fluff, steam, and everything in between.

It is a story of two men who work together in an Italian family bakery. Sean Whelan has been screwed over by his former partner, a selfish bitch whom he used to own a marketing firm with. He feels lost and unhappy, and he desperately needs a change of pace. Therefore, Sean decides to try his luck with getting a job at an Italian bakery in Philadelphia. Joe Dippolitano is the one who runs the family business, so naturally, he becomes Sean's boss. After a long while of dancing around each other, the two of them throw caution to the wind and give in to their attraction towards one another. Slowly, they also build a relationship.

Joe's extended family was great–and fucking crazy–and each member played their role perfectly. I liked them quite a lot, as well as the few employees of the bakery. The story also offered some laugh-out-loud moments. It was lovely!

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I firmly believe bakeries are a little piece of heaven and this book has made me crave cannoli like crazy!!! Seriously, just read these quotes and tell me you don't want cannoli afterwards (and don't hate me if you do and find yourself in my place, a dark and depressing place where you don't have the possibility of buying goddamn cannoli anytime soon. Please, and thank you!)...

While he filled out the grainy, copied form, he nibbled on the cannoli. It was good. No, make that great! It was amazing. Rich filling, a crispy light-as-air shell. So crunchy and sweet with every bite. He stuck his tongue down the tube at one point to lick out the filling. The neon sign made sense now. The bakery probably had a reputation for its signature dessert.

"You know what a good cannoli is supposed to be? A life-altering experience. Life altering! You eat a great cannoli and, sweet baby Jesus, it’s like the saints come down and deliver you to heaven."

If that's not the very definition of food porn, I don't know what is. Oh, wait... Could it be this photo then?

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Yeah, you're welcome! Go ahead and hate me now. :)