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Clear Water

Clear Water - Amy Lane This was my first Amy Lane book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a perfect pick-me-up, low on the angst, funny and sugary sweet book.

Patrick suffers from ADHD, which has led to people underestimating him, including his dad and his scumbag ex-boyfriends. He might be a spaz at times, but Patrick is very smart, and his dream is to become a yoga teacher. He's quirky and adorable.

Whiskey obviously has the coolest nickname ever. He's doing research on frogs with anomalies. He saves Patrick and helps him nurse some self-confidence, while trying to keep his hands to himself. He finds his attraction towards Patrick unacceptable.

The romance is moving forward very slowly and it allows the MCs–especially Patrick–to figure themselves out before they jump into a relationship. But when they do... Sparks fly. They're very hot, and I loved how selfless Whiskey was in order to help Patrick feel how sex can be good.

Also, Fly Bait, Whiskey's science partner, deserves a big shout-out! She's an opinionated grumpy lesbian, who always has Whiskey's back. She warms up to Patrick, too, although she refuses to admit to caring about him.

The ending was beautiful, and Patrick & Whiskey finally found their place in the world, their home.