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Think Of England

Think Of England - K.J. Charles First, let me get this out of the way...


Holy fuck! This was AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! *squeeee*


Alright, now... Where was I? Oh, that's right–attempting to write a semi-coherent review...

This was my first K.J. Charles book, and it's going straight to my crème-de-la-crème shelf, because it definitely deserves it! Think of England was just perfect through and through, for a lot of reasons, some of which are: flawless writing!!!, nice setting, proper language, witty dialogue, charming Brits, mystery, sexual tension and eventually sizzling sex scenes, a pierced nipple!, some angst, and two lovely MCs. I just couldn't get enough, and this is one of those books I really wish had a sequel, because I'm not ready for the story to be over just yet...

Now, without further ado–since everything you need to know about the plot is in the blurb–let's meet the MCs.

Daniel da Silva. He was the highlight of the story, in my opinion, and I adored him! Beautiful, smart, with a quick wit, prone to banter, a poet who turns out to be more, and who doesn't live to please society, but gets hurt for being himself, nonetheless. Frankly, one of my favorite characters EVER!

Archie Curtis. Admittedly, he had his asshole(ish) moments, when he was judgmental, and I wanted to smack some sense into him, but fortunately, he got over his bullshit. I liked his courage, his Viking ways–as da Silva so often pointed out–and his ability to fight for what he wanted.

Miss Merton a.k.a. Pat also deserves a special mention, because she was such a kick-ass woman, and played an important role in the story!!! Also, Miss Carruth a.k.a. Fen, was pretty great herself, and I loved how she fooled everybody as to who she really was!

So, if you love historical romance, mystery, and are looking for a well-written book–this one's for you! ;-)