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Dark Space - Lisa Henry BR with Kayl – Sunday, July 26 :)

Have you ever read a book which had such powerful and vivid writing, that you found yourself shivering and getting goose bumps every time the MCs touched their fingertips? Because I have. From the moment I opened Dark Space and started reading, I was a helpless puppet, and Lisa Henry was the master puppeteer, enveloping me in beautiful words and feelings.

For a couple of days, I lived inside a space station. I had to share a small room with two amazing young men, and it felt claustrophobic and astonishing all at once. I got to watch them literally function as one being, one heartbeat, shared thoughts, feelings and memories. One of them unable to live on his own, and the other being his battery. Together, they were complete, and they reveled in the freedom their connection gave them.

Cam lifted his free hand. He ran his fingertips along my jaw. The intensity of his gaze shocked me.
"You're my heartbeat, Brady."

Cameron Rushton has been held captive by the Faceless for four agonizing years. No one expected him to come back, but he did. He was sent back on a pod, and when the space station doctors got him out, Brady became his battery, his lifeline. Everyone thinks Cam is a traitor, and even Brady has trouble trusting him, despite being able to read his mind, because Cam is hiding something.

Brady Garrett was recruited by the space military at sixteen, merely a kid, and he was supposed to serve for ten years. Having three years behind him, Brady knows there's no way out, but in a body bag. He has a sick father at home, and a little sister he misses terribly. Considering his circumstances and what he's been through, it's no wonder that Brady has become angry and resentful.

These two together... I have no words to properly describe how incredible they are, how well they fit together, and how much I adored them and their beautiful story. My heart broke for them, I found myself wanting to scream at times, and I was smiling or laughing like an idiot throughout a lot of scenes. And then there also was the heat level, of course. Their connection made for some steamy scenes.

But I didn't love every aspect of this book...
Trigger warning: The rape scenes for both Cam and Brady really did a number on me, as rape is my hardest limit. They were pretty graphic at times, especially Brady almost getting raped by Kai-Ren at the end. That one just made me physically sick to my stomach. On top of that, there's also a violent scene where Brady gets beaten up really bad at the end.
Besides, I hated Kai-Ren and the Faceless with their insect-like pods and ship, and obviously Wade, Branski & Co. were the worst possible people ever!

I have to say I was disappointed by Cam and Brady losing their connection at the end. But that's more of a personal complaint and wish, rather than a criticism for the story's progression. I just hope it will somehow be fixed in the sequel, and that we get more answers to the other questions left unanswered.

All in all, I loved this book to pieces, and I will never forget the guys who could make each other ignite from a simple brush of their fingers. Amazing!!!


His hand caught mine: electricity, dizziness, and expectation.
"Close your eyes, Brady," Cam said [...]


"You're like starlight," Cam whispered, and his teeth scraped up my jaw. I shivered. "I could lose myself in you."