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Tales from Foster High

Tales from Foster High - John  Goode If I had to pick one word to describe Tales from Foster High, it would be real. I–like most readers, I guess–read to escape real life, to get away from everything at least for a few hours a day. Now, this book? It was so real that it overwhelmed me at times, and I got completely sucked into the world of the MCs.

There are a lot of things wrong with the world, obviously, but narrow-minded people make the top of the list, in my opinion. They are the ones who absolutely refuse to accept something/someone different, and just because they disagree with anything, that naturally means it's wrong. As if. Also, out of everything these close-minded people come up with, homophobia makes my blood boil the most. It makes me incredibly angry, because, first of all...


And secondly, I strongly believe that no person has the right to judge another. Ever. What's worse is that homophobia has affected people since forever in so many cruel ways, from bullying to murder or inhumane so-called treatments meant to cure homosexuality. And all of it makes me sick, especially since even in the 21st century, people everywhere still suffer because of close-minded assholes.

I don't want to use this review as a place to rant, so... Moving on. In addition to being painfully real, this book was exceptionally beautiful! The writing style was so, so good, that I found myself getting lost in the words, letting them wrap around me like a comforting blanket. It was a great reading experience!

I really don't want to discuss the plot, because I feel like I couldn't do the book justice. But, anyway, let's meet the MCs... The casting was picked by John Goode himself, and I personally think it is perfect...

Kyle Stilleno
I don't remember the moment I knew I was broken... but I do know the moment I began to feel fixed.
It was the day the green-eyed boy fell in love with me.

Brad Greymark
I can't tell you the day I started to lose who I was but I can tell you the very moment I found out who I really was.
I was the moment the blue-eyed boy kissed me back.

Kyle & Brad are now officially one of, if not THE best couple I've ever had the pleasure to meet–well, read about. Their love felt real and I was glad to see them stand up for one another. I especially loved how fierce Kyle was when he defended Brad. They were both brave young men who had to suffer because of who they were and ultimately, they saved each other.

As human beings we spend so much energy arguing over every little thing it's easy to forget sometimes that deep down we are all the same creature. White, black, straight, gay, liberal, conservative, all those labels do is point out how different we seem, when the truth is almost everybody feels the same way about the important stuff.

This book will have a special place in my heart forever, and I do believe that everyone should read it! Seriously, read it, because it's so worth it!!!