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Blood & Thunder

Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet First read: March 2015
Reread: February 2016 – BR with Trisha


I've been staring at the edit review page for a while, telling myself that starting with WOW would not be an option. But to hell with it. Holy shit, this book!!! WOW!!! I simply ADORED it!!!

The first book of the series was fantastic–my review is proof enough of how much I loved it–but Blood & Thunder was even better than Hell & High Water!


While Hell & High Water was all about world building, this installment focuses on character development. It shines some light on the relationships Destructive Delta has as a team, and also on the individual couples forming inside the team.

"Man, this team is incestuous." (Haha. True that! And I'm loving it! :D)

I am utterly smitten with Dex! I mean, it's hard not to be, since he's sweet and hilarious. I admired his patience in this book, and the fact that he wouldn't lose his faith in Sloane, no matter how many times he got pushed away or was kept in the dark. We also get a glimpse of the guy Dex is behind the cheerful exterior, and what he's been through.

Sloane has a lot on his plate, and the burden on his shoulders keeps getting heavier every day. Keeping his past secret from Dex is taking its toll on him, and he acts like a major asshole because of it. When he finally told his story, I really felt for him, and was glad he eventually saw that he wasn't alone anymore.

Something else I enjoyed was seeing the team members interact and grow closer, accepting Dex as their own. Oh, and I can't wait to see how the relationship between Calvin & Hobbs/Ash & Cael develops!!! I love all of them!

There were two scenes that particularly stood out to me. The first was the one where Dex and Sloane–in his Therian form–were at that rookie training, and Dex gave his oh-so-funny lessons on Felid behavior. And the second was, of course, the karaoke night at the bar! Dex singing 80s songs and getting drunk, Sloane being all jealous and possessive, Ash & Cael being adorable, the team's 'fuck, marry, kill' game, the sexy bartender... It was just FUN!

Frankly, Charlie Cochet gets all the stars. All. Of. Them.