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End of the Innocence (Tales of Foster High)

End of the Innocence (Tales of Foster High) - John Goode Truth be told, I don't even know where to begin or what to say about this book. It was amazing and John's writing blew me away, as always. I highlighted so many quotes that I lost count...

What I enjoyed the most about this book–apart from the MC's love story–was the message of hope it portrayed. Because among all the dark things happening to our boys, there's a strong sense of hope. It goes to show that, while the world and a lot of people may suck sometimes, there are still good people around. Most of all, it demonstrates that if just one single person takes a stand against injustice, he might be lucky enough to have people to back him up, and ultimately, he may even make a change. Because if everyone turns their head and minds their own business when they come across bullying or any kind of injustice, the world will continue to suck, and people will still suffer.

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Kyle is my hero. Seriously, this guy is incredible! He won my heart from the start, but after this book, my love for him grew tenfold. He is brave, smart, sweet and compassionate, and he fights really hard for what he believes in. His view of the world somehow ended up without a scratch, despite everything he had to deal with, and he stays true to himself no matter what. Also, he's a badass when he makes up his mind and sets out to fight for a cause!

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Brad is also wonderful and I adore him! He's patient with Kyle, supports him even though he sometimes disagrees with his boyfriend's ideas, and he tries to be a better man to make up for his past. He's passionate and super fucking hot and just downright awesome! Kyle & Brad fit like two pieces of a puzzle and I'm in love with both of them.

What's more, the secondary characters were great. From Jennifer, former bitch with a good heart, to Robbie, complicated wreck and fabulous guy, to badass Gayle with her no-nonsense attitude, to Tyler–I LOVED every single one of them. And last, but not least, I really felt for Kelly and I was crushed because of what happened to him. I don't care if he was a douchebag before, he did NOT deserve that.

Since I failed miserably in doing this book justice, I only have one more thing to say...

Dear John,

I was really moved by the 'Author's note' at the end of this book. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for writing these wonderful books. Even though I don't personally know you, I can say with conviction that you are a beautiful human being, and I am happy you are still here today. You're making a change, John, with these books, you're helping people and that makes this series a gift. Just... thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,
Cristina T.

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