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Unwrapping Hank

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton Fluffy, adorable, and funny holiday read! It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy, and even my Grinch heart approves.

"You're going to drive me crazy, aren't you," Hank said.
"Crazy is an ambiguous term with no clinical meaning, and it's insulting to mental health patients. Can you be more specific?"

I liked Sloane right from the start, and even though Hank required some patience on my side, he was cool when he came around, too. Micah was awesome, and so were their hippie parents. Then there was a farm, pies, cows, hay stacks, a barn where some action happens, and dogs. OMG, I loved Grinch, the dog who didn't leave Sloane's side since he arrived.

“Be careful. You know what they say: once you go dick, that’s the end of the chicks.”

Loved it!!!