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My Summer of Wes

My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh BR with the girls–Susan, Kat, Heidi, Karen, Tara, Elsbeth and Sonia. :)

First of all, the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" fits perfectly here! I have seen this book around for a while, but kept dismissing it on account of that horrendous cover. And I was so wrong about it! I loved it! It was light, fluffy, angst-free, and so sweet my teeth hurt.

I adored Wes from the moment he stood up to those bullies. He was funny, thoughtful, very sexy, and I liked how protective he got of Mal–and a tad bit over-the-top jealous. As for Mal, I had conflicted feelings about him. There were times I felt for him and just wanted to hug him, then I wanted to smack him upside the head for being too naive or coming too close to the damsel-in-distress types who can be found in M/F books so often. Yes, he was abused, yes, he was depraved of love for so long, and he needed to feel safe etc., but sometimes it got to be too much for me. And I found it a little hard to believe he was that innocent at the age of eighteen, regardless of his background. Again, maybe he just gave off that vibe to me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the sexy times–and there were a lot of those–I liked the MCs, and the writing was good. Another thing I wasn't quite on board with was the level of sweetness this book contained. I mean, I do like my angst in books, because then it doesn't feel like I'm reading a fairy tale where the princess–or prince, in our case–gets the knight in shining armor, nothing bad ever happens, and they all live happily ever after.

Ok, so for someone who claims to have liked My Summer of Wes, I seem to be ranting quite a bit. I did love it, though, promise! Looking forward to reading the extended version, too!