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Loser Takes All

Loser Takes All - Kora Knight Can someone please tell me why it took me an eternity to read this book?! Yeah, I have no idea, but it was a big mistake. One I am glad to have corrected...

Loser Takes All is basically one long BDSM sex scene. And, wonder of all wonders, it is exactly my kind of BDSM!!! The hardcore stuff I don't like, and by hardcore I mean humiliation and degradation. But I loved this! Edging is the best, combined with power play. Man, oh man... The flogging, blindfold, bondage, orgasm denial, anal stimulation, and biting (!!!)–it all made for a mind-blowing sexual encounter. And the detail in which the reactions and sensations were described–Holy Fuck! Moreover, there was also tenderness and intimacy...


"Oh, but just so you know: I love the bite of my name on your tongue. How you belt it like a curse." Tad could sense him grinning. Wickedly. "Gimme lots of that and I'll make you come fast."

Final verdict? HOT, HOT, HOT!!!