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1/27: An ICoS Anthology

1/27: An ICoS Anthology - Ais, Santino Hassell OH. MY. GOD.


Warning: This review contains spoilers.

The thing is, Santino & Ais still manage to amaze me with their beautiful writing. They also have an uncanny ability to use all these teeny tiny pieces of a puzzle which eventually add up to create a spotless picture. I mean, I've read ICoS, right? So, I know quite well what the authors are capable of. Still, this... This was perfect!!!

The anthology takes place some time–about two years–after the events of Fade, and it offers the reader a brief peek behind the curtains. It contains seven short chapters, each of them portraying the lives of the ones who escaped the Agency. They are all on the run, keeping a low profile, doing their thing, trying to evade the new Agency's eyes. Some live together, others have parted ways and reunited, and mostly, they're hoping everyone else is alive and safe.

1/27:01 – Vivienne + Bree

At first, I was surprised to see these two being roommates, but it seemed to be working out. Bree is great, and Vivienne shows a little bit of humanity and explains the awful choices she's made in life.

1/27:02 – Emilio + Zach

Holy shit, these two are H.O.T. Watching tough, bad-ass Emilio beg to be fucked never gets old! ;-) And OMG, Zach mouthed Emilio's name, followed by three little words, while someone else was in the room. I was a puddle of goo!!! Most of all, I knew they couldn't be dead, but I was still relieved to see they were okay and still partners.

1/27:03 – Owen + Jeffrey

Hmm... This one was interesting, to say the least. I was not a fan of Jeffrey before, but hey, he saved Owen's life, so he's got my vote of confidence for now.

1/27:04 – Hsin + Boyd

Their hiding situation was not at all pleasant, and I was right there with Sin when he was feeling claustrophobic–ugh, I despise underground spaces, tunnels, passages and the like *shiver*. But in spite of everything, they are stronger than ever, they're committed to each other 100%, and they make big decisions together. Their tender moment was sweet and I basked in it, but I did wish for some action, to be quite honest.

1/27:05 – Harriet + Archer + Doug

Harriet's still a bad-ass, Archer is freaking awesome, and Doug... Well, I just wanted to give him a big ol' hug and tell him not to worry, that everything would eventually be okay.

1/27:06 – Kassian + Ryan

Oh, wow! I really like the idea of these two possibly finally being a couple! Too bad Ryan is in denial and refuses to believe Kass's intentions. But I'm looking forward to seeing them get there.

1/27:07 – Bex

Someone needs to kill that bitch pronto! Hate her!!! >.<<br/>

So. At the end of this anthology, the authors mentioned a sequel for ICoS, and I might have squeed a bit and smiled like an idiot for a while. I am shameless, so I'm not below begging, and I'm also greedy, so PLEASE, dear authors, do write that sequel!

Seriously now. I foresee a huge book hangover...


And maybe–just maybe–some of this...


And I have so, so many questions now!!! Ugh. Okay. I'll survive. I can be patient. *deep breath* Right.