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Catch a Tiger by the Tail

Catch a Tiger by the Tail - Charlie Cochet First read: January 2016
Reread: March 2016 – BR with Trisha


Fact #1: I love Charlie Cochet. Fact #2: She is an evil author. Fact #3: This book is amazing.

Catch a Tiger by the Tail is written from Calvin and Hobbs' points of view, and it focuses on their relationship. Fear not, Destructive Delta is as present as ever. There's action, excitement, a lot of fun shenanigans, and pain. So much pain. Little piece of advice: Have a good supply of things that comfort you and keep it close. Chocolate, a steaming cup of coffee, a blanket you love to cuddle in, you name it. And tissues. Lots of them.

The first half of this book is all fun and games, so much that I started asking myself what Charlie was talking about when she mentioned the angst. I was laughing my ass off half the time, when the team got together and they were all being their awesome selves. I was lured into a false sense of security, but the second half broke me. It made me want to reach into the book and hug both Calvin and Hobbs.

These two have been friends since they were kids, and they've been struggling to survive for just as long. Ethan's Selective Mutism and severe anxiety is something he deals with on a daily basis. Nevertheless, he's been taught from an early age that it doesn't define him, that he, as a person, is strong and capable. Calvin is his knight in shining armor, coming to his rescue and getting into fights with anyone who dares to hurt Hobbs.

Because of everything they went through, Calvin and Ethan share a bond that's unbreakable. This books shines some light on what goes on inside Hobbs' head, his way of experiencing the world, but also on Calvin, who has had more than his fair share of a hard life. Calvin is the type of person to keep it all bottled up inside, but slowly, he learns to lean on Hobbs, too.

As long as they were together, they'd make it through anything. Them against the world.

Their relationship slowly morphs into something more when Hobbs is able to learn how to deal with the fear of losing his best friend. And it's amazing to see it happen, so worth the wait. Also, you know how they say it's always the quiet ones... Well, prepare for some amazingly hot and kinky sex, because these two... Phew! Just saying. ;-)

I also liked finding out more about Hobbs' family, because their struggles put things into perspective. There's also snippets of Calvin's past, who's had to fend for himself since he was young. To be honest, the one who surprised me the most was Rafe, and his confession made me feel bad for him, even though I still want to punch him for treating Ethan like shit in the past.

Now, want to know why Charlie is an evil author? Because Catch a Tiger ends in a damn cliffhanger, that's why!!! Why, oh why??? I have to admit I'm very nervous about Smoke & Mirrors, because it's bound to be very emotional–who am I kidding, I love angst, haha–but it can't get published fast enough! ♥

Favorite scene... I just needed an excuse to post this photo, but trust me, the scene was golden! LOL.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.