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Interlude with Tattoos

Interlude with Tattoos - K.J. Charles As opposed to the first book–which I rated 3 stars–this little story gets 4 stars from me! Why? Because it was lovely!!! As delicious as a bite of chocolate cake, melting on your tongue! I LOVED IT!

I stated quite clearly that I'm not a fan of birds, but guess what... I actually warmed up to the magpies tattoos! I thought they were gorgeous, and loved the letters which resulted from Crane losing a bird... They contained some hilarious one-liners!

Exhibit A:

My dear Mr Day
I look forward to retrieving my property. May I propose that you visit my residence? I believe you enjoyed the view.

Exhibit B:

My dear Stephen
[...] I wonder if you are free to visit tonight? I will clear my desk in anticipation.
Yours as ever