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Knight of Ocean Avenue

Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain This was really goddamn sweet, adorable and sexy, and I loved it!

Truth be told, I didn't think I'd enjoy a princess–Shaz calls himself a princess, not prince, so I'm keeping that terminology–meets knight kind of story. But I did, because this is not your ordinary princess. This is a princess who has his own life, who doesn't wait around for the knight, he merely embraces said knight when he arrives. This princess has had to fight some dragons, too.

You know what? Scratch that. Shaz aka Chase Phillips is a queen. A flaming queen with red flowing hair, earrings, makeup, a fabulous fashion sense and an even more fantastic wardrobe, and an energy which makes people gravitate towards him. He's a stylist for celebrities and a shining star who owns his own business and treats his employees exemplary. Shaz lives an out-and-proud life, enjoying the freedom his profession allows.

Along comes Billy Ballew, blue-collar construction worker and clueless knight. Billy has been supporting his family for years, and he can't keep a girlfriend/fiancée to save his life. He wonders why that is, and Shaz makes him realize what he's been missing. He coaches little league and offers the kids a safe place where bullies have no place. Shortly, Billy is a gorgeous man with a big heart.

Their story is beautiful and absolutely charming. I loved watching Billy discover the joys of gay sex, and Shaz being the perfect teacher. And god, did he teach! The erm... creative study session was the hottest thing ever!!! It also was great how Billy made no excuses for his relationship with Shaz, he was always proud of what they had and he protected Shaz from all kinds of idiots.

He'd never met Shaz. The guy was like fire to his kindling. He'd been waiting his whole life for those flames.

There are a few secondary characters who deserve a shout-out, because they're awesome! Ru, Shaz's best friend, who's supportive and funny, as well as the rest of Shaz's team. Billy's co-workers, especially Jim, who doesn't bat an eye when his friend comes out. And Billy's sisters, Teresa–this woman is a riot!–and Rhonda, bride-to-be and a strong woman.

And now, let me present to you the cutest thing I've ever encountered in an M/M book! Ladies and gentlemen, the boys, Clancy and Yerby, gay cats!!!


image"What else are cats for but to leave their marks on your heart?"