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Delivered Fast

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Well, well, well... Let's see what we have here.

We have Chris, a bearded tattooed biker who wears plaid and is therefore hip without even trying. He owns a vegan coffee shop in Portland.

Then we have Lance, who wants to be a physical therapist, delivers baked goods to Chris, loves Katy Perry, and is a little beam of sunshine.

There is an age gap of 13 years between them, so Chris thinks he's too old for Lance. But of course Chris can't resist Lance's bubble butt and killer smile.

They agree to be friends with benefits, but what they have goes beyond that. So, after a little angst, Chris gets his head out of his ass and gives in.

Add sandwiches, hot sex, dirty talk and a pretty awesome HEA to the mix, and you've got yourself a sweet story.

But then again, we could be anywhere and I'd still want him. Still love him. Still need him. I'd follow him anywhere, and the most incredible thing of all was that I knew it was mutual. Felt it in his kiss. Saw it in his eyes. He'd follow me anywhere, too.