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Helping Hand

Helping Hand - Jay Northcote College roommates, double GFY, friends to lovers. All wrapped up with a beautiful cover and a perfect title. What more could you wish for?

It all starts when Jez and Mac find themselves making a pact to stay in instead of going out to have drinks every night. They both have their reasons. One thing leads to another, and they find themselves watching porn together. And wanking off, while watching each other rather than whatever video is playing at the time.

They're just two straight mates blowing off some steam, right? Right. Except Jez might be bisexual, and Mac's eyes wander quite a lot. Slowly, their jerk off sessions start being more hands-on, and they awkwardly start to experiment and explore their sexualities.


Jez and Mac keep their relationship a secret from their other roommates and their friends. Jez is more easy-going than Mac in that regard, and Mac is confused and uncomfortable with his feelings. But in the end, they both decide to say 'fuck it' and go after what they really want. Something more.

Instead he asked, "What do you want, Mac?"
"You." Mac let out the word in a long sigh.


Jez shrugged. "Let them think what they like. Gay, bi, gay for each other, I don't care. Fuck labels. I'm into you and you're into me, and that's what matters."

Something else I really liked was what Josh said about labels...

"Labels can be restrictive. Sometimes you need to stop thinking about gender and sexuality and focus on the person. If you care about them, if you feel good when you're with them, if you're hot for them... then what does any of the rest of it matter?"

That being said, I really wish Josh had his story, because I liked the guy quite a lot, and he intrigued me... *makes puppy dog eyes at Jay Northcote*

I cannot recommend this enough!