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Sideline Submission

Sideline Submission - Kora Knight Let's see what we have here...

Kinkiness galore? ✔
Voyeurism? ✔
Insane sexual tension? ✔
Tenderness? ✔
GREAT writing? ✔ ✔ ✔

Scott & Tad have amazing chemistry, and I swear the sexual tension was palpable in that goddamn room! They're trying to take their relationship past the physical. Well, Scott is trying, Tad is still coming to terms with everything and refusing to cooperate... much. Because his body, and I dare say his heart, have a whole other agenda than his mind.

The touching was hot and tender, the whispering shudder-inducing, and there's also an ounce of possessiveness flaring up. As for the sex? Well, it's just as scorching as ever. Duh! Kora Knight sure knows how to write! Here's what I mean...

He shoved his index into Tad's mouth. "But no more small talk." His finger salaciously stroked Tad's tongue. "Suck me while I'm fucking you. Pretend it's my dick. Wanna feel how you'd try to make me come."

And then there's...

Again, his hand curled around Tad's throat. But just like before, it wasn't one of those dark-kinky, asphyxiating kind of grips. Instead it felt more like a gesture of claim.

There's a lot more where that came from. You just read the book and find out for yourself. ;-)

One more thing. I so wanted to slap Max for interrupting their almost-kiss!!! Jesus fucking Christ!!!

I. Want. Need. More. And when I say more, what I mean is...