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Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home - Kora Knight First things first... That cover. OHMYGOOOD!!! Utter perfection! Now, as for the book... It was amazing!

While the previous four books of the series were filled with porny goodness–which I loved, of course–to me they felt like the calm before the storm. Well, Bringing It Home definitely delivered the storm, since it is all about the feelings. It's about Tad's insecurities, and about Scott being tired of waiting.

Needless to say, the first half of the book frustrated me endlessly. But then... Then Tad came to his senses. And the second part of the book consisted of hot make-up sex and a lot of emotions, tenderness, and possessiveness. So, so good!!!


"Mine," he breathed, thumb stroking Tad's pulse. "Finally, you're fucking mine."

Is it September yet?! 'Cause I need my next Tad & Scott fix ASAP! Oh, and I really, really wish Max & Sean and Breck & Kai got their story, too. Pretty please, Kora? Whatever I can offer you as bribery, consider it done! ;-)