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Learning to Feel

Learning to Feel - N.R. Walker This book is amazing!

We have Nathan, a doctor who wouldn't know happiness if it hit him over the head. He's always felt like something was missing, so he buries himself in his work. Until he decides a change is in order. So he accepts a position as a doctor in a small town.

Enter Trent. A painter with a heart of gold, who paints the house Nathan moves into. Trent is all grins and sexual innuendos on the outside, but underneath is a man who's scared of love and taking chances.

When Nathan meets Trent, he is taken aback by his attraction towards the man. But he decides to go with it. These two men teach each other how to feel, like they never thought possible. They give each other life.

And the cherry on top? Bentley!!! A golden retriever who loves toast. With strawberry jam. I'm not kidding.


My poor heart. *melts*